House Rules

Spruce House is a place of peace and tranquility to help further sober living. This is a zero tolerance residence. Without exception, no active addicts are allowed on premises.


You may not use illegal drugs, drink alcohol or use prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription. If you are suspected of use, you will be required to submit a urine sample or other material for testing. If you test positive for drug use, one of two things will happen:
You will be asked to check-in to a detox facility and remain there until you are clean:
You will be evicted from the house immediately, and may not be allowed to return until you test clean and there will be no refunds.

Testing may be conducted at any time randomly at the Administration’s and/or House Manager’s discretion. Refusal of a urinalysis is considered admission of guilt and you will be evicted from the house immediately. If evicted, your personal property will be gathered and packed up to be placed in a storage area by the house manager. You will have a 3-day period of time from the date of your eviction to return and collect your personal property. There are no exceptions for this three-day rule.Each resident must attend recovery and/or addiction support meetings. You must have your meeting card signed and present to the house manager for review daily. Violation of this mandatory requirement will result in a reprimand and, if repeated could result in eviction from the Residence.

You must call and alert the House Manager if you are working or going to be latereturning to the house for the house meeting or after the Curfew for any reason. You must notify the House Manager before you are going to be late. If you miss the house meeting for any reason without the House Manager being made aware in advance by you, you will receive a reprimand and can be evicted.

Respect your House Manager, Management, and other residents. Staff members are in the house to help maintain everyone’s health, safety, and well-being. You may not speak or behave in any way that is disrespectful, loud, embarrassing and/or impolite to any member of the Administration, Management, staff or other residents.

If any of the rules below (“House Rules”) are broken, the Resident may be reprimanded or evicted, at the discretion of the House Manager.

Rules 1

No Candles, incense, or fires of any kind are allowed inside the Residence or on the grounds.

Rules 2

No weapons are allowed in the Residence or on the grounds for any reason or at any time.

Rules 3

No overnight guests. Friends and family visiting day SUNDAY 3-6 PM ONLY, unless scheduled in advance with the House Manager in writing.

Rules 4

No fighting, profanity, arguing or threatening words or actions.

Rules 5

No sexual contact, No exceptions.

Rules 6

No racial slurs or prejudice will be allowed in the Residence or on the grounds.

Rules 7

No smoking or lighting of cigarettes is allowed inside the Residence. You must smoke outside in designated areas only.

Rules 8

No drug paraphernalia is allowed in the Residence or on the grounds.

Rules 9

No pornography is allowed in the Residence or on the grounds.

Management makes periodic inspections of each bedroom and the contents of each bedroom. Everyone will have assigned house chore(s) which the House Manger will provide you with and which needs to be completed on a daily and/or weekly basis. Daily chores must be completed by 12pm (noon) daily. Weekly chores must be completed by Saturday at noon.

You are required to make your bed, do your own laundry, including the towels you use. When using the kitchen, you must clean up after yourself immediately after preparing your meal.

No cups, mug, dishes, utensils, pots and/or pans are to be left in the stove, oven, sink, counter top, or drying rack over-night. Dishes, mugs, cups, pots, pans and utensils are required to be dried, and placed back in the drawer, rack and/or cabinet where they were originally stored.

The basic rule is: if a food item is not labeled with your name and/or was not purchasedby you - don’t eat or drink it. Labels are provided to label resident’s food and beverage items, use the labels provided to label your food. If labels are not provided, write your initials on your items with a permanent black ink marker.

If you are caught eating someone else’s food without their permission, you will be penalized. Do not leave open food container in the cabinets. Do not leave pots, pans, uncovered food or meals in, on the stove, or in the refrigerator. Leftover food from meals must be consumed immediately or thrown out within two days. The basic rule is: if a food item is not labeled with your name and/or was not purchased by you - don’t eat or drink it.


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